I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL aims to bring forward their own choices to safeguard the welfare and health of people. Our work starts from the customer by contacting them for a market survey and then we chose and achieve the best flour and foods for celiac, pursuing the request for confirmation on selected products, up to testing of the end products.


I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL is one of the first companies to offer itself in the catering marketing with special and dedicated lines to the celiac and lactose intolerant people, composed of specific products, accompained by a training of workers. Is currently available a wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free, including the mix of flour, pasta, bread, pizza and supports for pizza, bagels and specialities, selected and developed with the newest and modern equipment in order to provide the highest quality and a unique traceability recognized by the production chain of ingredients and made-in-Italy raw materials. A quality appropriate for the most of the requests of intollerant people.