I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL is a company engaged in production of raw materials, semi-finished and finished gluten-free products.
The company was founded in 2008 by the winning idea of two young entrepreneurs, Massimiliano Barnaba, which is currently commercial and marketing director, and Laurent Urbinati, currently director and chef.

The Experience:
I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL main goal is to bring forward their own choices by seeking to safeguard the welfare and health of customers. We start by contacting gluten-intolerant people for a market survey and then we move to the choice of the best raw materials in quality to obtain the best flour and foods for celiac people, pursuing the requests of select products information, up to testing of finished products.

I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL is one of the first companies to offer itself in the catering market with special lines dedicated to celiac and lactose intolerant people, composed of specified and selected products, accompained by a training of workers in the field.

Great product range:
TOday is available a wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free producs, including the mix of flour, pasta, bread, pizza and supports of pizza, bagels and other specialities, selected and made with the latest equipment in order to meet and guarantee a high quality and a unique traceability recognized by the production chain of ingredients and raw materials made in italy and quality certified.


The commitment of I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL today is not limited to a commercial field, but consists in offering information, and technical advice and training to its customers.

Healthy Gluten Free:
The company is alwais in search for innovation not only in the gluten-free field, but also contribute to improving food, trying to find specific products which helps our bodies and our health. We put it into practice through the production and utilization of the best mix of flour, which contains substances like Cannabis Sativa, Aloe Vera, active plant Carbons and Turmeric.

Italian products abroad has been always known quality and also in this case the products for Italian intolerant are the most searched, so I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL with its brand, started to sell its products abroad.

Private Label:
I BUONI SENZA GLUTINE SRL collaborates with Italian and foreign companies, producing gluten-free products in private label.